5 Must-have Items for the Perfect Patio Setup

5 Must-have Items for the Perfect Patio Setup

Many patios end up becoming a catch-all for life’s miscellany. Random rakes, brooms, boxes, and unused flower pots will sit for months untouched and forgotten. This is because the patios aren’t set up correctly to be the harmonious environments of relaxation they were meant to be. Turn your patio into the perfect set up with these must-have items.

5 Must-have Items for the Perfect Patio Setup

  1. Seating:

Don’t buy cheap patio furniture. It will just sit on the porch inviting dust and neglect. Splurge a little. If you do, you’ll end up spending more time outside. Make it comfortable with cushions and throw pillows.

If you aren’t the type to bring in cushions when it rains, then pick out options that are weatherproof. Patios are made luxurious when they have seating that is comfortable and convenient.

  1. Fire:

There are two reasons to introduce fire to your patio arrangement: heat and ambiance. Propane heaters will take off morning or evening chills, and fire pits will bring light and the freedom of the outdoors. Check out your options. Pellet fire pits will make fires easy, and you won’t have to deal with replenishing wood piles. However, a nice hibachi will burn just about anything and give your patio a more natural feel.

  1. Water:

One thing that really makes a patio environment complete is water features. If you have the space, a pond or fountain is a great way to introduce water. However, patios can have water features by simply adding misters to a trellis or a free-standing mister hooked up to a hose. You want to have the ability to heat and cool the patio, and water brings the natural connotations of beautiful waterfalls and creeks.

  1. Shade:

You don’t want to get a sunburn while you are relaxing, so providing shade will allow you to spend quality time outdoors without sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas are an easy way to shield harmful rays, but sun shades are also a great way to get sun protection without the worry of wind or setup.

  1. Beauty:

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add a little décor to your patio. Flowers, art, sculpture…anything that adds that personal touch. You’re bringing the comfort of indoors to the beauty of outdoors, and that cannot be done with chairs and fire pits alone.

Bringing these 5 items to your patio will draw you to it. You won’t have to TRY to spend more time outdoors. You’ll WANT to spend more time out there. The perfect patio setup is essential to a quality outdoor experience at the home.

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