5 Reasons to Ditch the Grill for the Griddle

5 Reasons to Ditch the Grill for the Griddle

            Large griddles are often used in restaurants because of their versatility and large cooking surface. They are not often used inside of the home because they require gas and very good ventilation. However, you can get the convenience of a large griddle if you use and outdoor griddle grill. Here are 5 reasons to ditch the grill for the griddle.

  1. Breakfast

Hopefully the first thing you thought of when you saw the word ‘griddle’ was pancakes. Breakfast is classic griddle food. With an outdoor griddle grill, you can cook your eggs, bacon, and hash browns on one surface. If someone wants a pancake, add it to the mix. French toast, sausage, and omelets are also griddle classics.

  1. No Flare Ups

Whether you are cooking thick steaks or tasty kabobs, you can do it without flame control with a griddle. You won’t get that flame-kissed taste, but you also won’t have to babysit. Cooking on a griddle is very much like a cast-iron pan, and you can get a good sear and get great flavor with it.

  1. Can Cook with or without Pans

Because the griddle is a cast iron cooking surface, you can add a pan to it or cook as if the griddle top is a skillet. It will even soak in oils and become seasoned like a traditional cast iron skillet.

  1. Food Won’t Fall Through

Griddles are solid, so you can cook small shrimp or sauté vegetables without worrying about it falling through any cracks like those on a grill. This also makes it easy to keep the items on the grill oiled and seasoned. It is very much like cooking on the ultimate pan.

  1. Cooking Zones

A traditional cast iron griddle sits on top of the heat source, and there is very little temperature control throughout the griddle. This is not the case with griddle grills, and the multiple burners underneath can all be adjusted, so you can have zoned heat. This is important if you are warming some items and searing others, and a griddle grill makes both tasks possible at the same time.

Will You Ditch Your Grill?

I doubt many people will ever permanently ditch their grills. The taste of smoke and fire is the primary disadvantage of a griddle grill. However, the addition of a griddle grill in addition to a grilled barbecue provides a new time of cooking opportunity that is pretty great.

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