5 Reasons to Invest in a Rotisserie Kit

5 Reasons to Invest in a Rotisserie Kit

Cooking with a rotisserie (a.k.a. spit-roasting) is a time-old tradition in barbecuing, but many barbecue enthusiasts don’t have a rotisserie kit for their barbecue. These grill masters are missing out, and this is why:

5 Reasons to Invest in a Rotisserie Kit

  1. Flavor:

Just like the unique flavor of charcoal grilling, rotisserie grilling is different from everything else. Because of the constant rotation, the internal juices of the meat are moving throughout the meat at all times. This is a great opportunity to inject flavor with a meat syringe. If you aren’t into injecting flavor, smoking the meat is also an option by using pellets or wood chips to add to the flavor profile.

  1. Moisture:

Rotisserie grilling locks in the moisture of the meat, and then it rolls it around. This makes for succulent, juicy bites with every stab of the fork. Typically, meat should rest after cooking to ensure that the juices are retained, and then you have a very juicy slab of meat.

  1. Crust:

The crust is possibly the biggest draw to rotisserie cooking. Not only is the inside of the meat moist, but the crust on the outside is filled with flavor. If you baste it, the sugars in the baste will caramelize to perfection. There is nothing better than the crust of rotisserie chicken or pork.

  1. Slow-roast:

Juicy meat is not good unless it has the texture to match, and slow-roasting meat breaks down its collagen and makes every morsel tender. Basically, rotisserie meat is the perfect combo for large cuts of beef, pork, lamb, fish, and of course, chicken!

  1. Hands-free:

The last reason you should invest in a rotisserie kit is more about atmosphere than the amazing meat you’ll get out of it. Rotisserie cooking can be a sort of set-it-and-forget-it barbecue method. You don’t have to constantly check to make sure the meat isn’t burning because the rotating spit keeps the meat evenly cooked. You may want to baste it occasionally, but it does not require the attention that individual steaks or chicken pieces on a grill demand.

This makes rotisseries an excellent option for entertaining. Not does hands-free barbecuing allow you to socialize, but the rotisserie is a conversation piece. It allows everyone to watch the meat cook and put in their two scents about their barbecuing experience. It’s similar to the conversation that sparks from a campfire, and it can make for awesome get-togethers.

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