5 Ways to Add Fire to Your Patio

5 Ways to Add Fire to Your Patio

Watch any patio or backyard design show, and they’ll say you need a water element and a fire element. What many people don’t know is that there are many ways to have a cozy fire on your patio, and not all of the cause a smoky mess. Here are a few options:

5 Ways to Add Fire to Your Patio

Fire Pit Table

A propane fire-pit table gives the luxury of heat in the convenient location of your table top. The base of the table hides the propane tank, which heats fire glass or coals and displays beautiful flames that keep people warm during cool nights. Not only are fire pits convenient in location and use (some have push-button start), but they are also an unexpected treasure to see outdoors. This unique patio feature will have your neighbors thinking the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

Fire Bowl

Fire bowls come in two types: large and small. Large fire bowls are like fire pits with style. They are large bowls fueled with in-line natural gas create that smokeless fire beauty on your patio. Even when they are not lit, these large bowls add an artistic element to your patio design.

Like large fire bowls, small fire bowls are also attractive even when they are not lit. These smaller fire features may be propane-powered, or they may be fueled with fire gel. This makes them portable and easy to use in any area of the yard.

Fire Pits

A fire pit can bring the campground to your back yard. Throw the wood on the fire, and have an authentic fire in the city. Fire pits may be smoky and require real wood, but they bring nostalgia and warm light to any night. Break out some marshmallows and make some s’mores!


If you don’t have a fireplace indoors (or even if you do), you can have one outdoors with a chiminea. These outdoor fireplaces are more contained than fire pits, and they come in many attractive shapes and colors. Terra cotta chimineas may be painted any variety of colors, and metal chimineas create a rustic décor item for your backyard.

Fire Column

Elegance and sophistication. That’s what comes to mind when you see a fire column on someone’s patio. They truly elevate fire elements to those of luxury and perfection. It is exactly what it sounds like, fire on top of a column. But putting one on your patio shows that you really have got it going on.

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