Barbecue Gloves to Grill in Comfort

Barbecue Gloves to Grill in Comfort

While temperature control is an important part of successful grilling, it does not always afford that luxury for the griller. Hot or cold weather, precipitation, and the grill itself create an environment that is extreme in at least one sense. One thing that can be controlled is how much heat gets to the hands. Barbecue gloves protect your hands and forearms from extreme heat and singed arm hair, but there are many types of barbecue gloves in the market. That is why we’ve created this barbecue glove guide to help you choose the best gloves for your grilling adventure.

Barbecue Gloves to Grill in Comfort

  1. Silicone Glove

It seems like everything has a silicone option these days, and barbecue gloves are a good example of this. The gloves can handle temps up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which covers most grill temps. The biggest benefit of silicone gloves is that they are completely waterproof. This means you can use them instead of tongs, which gives you more control when turning and flipping. They are also easier to clean because they are non-porous, so bacteria cannot penetrate.

  1. Welding Gloves

If you are cooking at higher temps or using a fuel that has sparks and embers, welding gloves may be a good option. Some welding gloves can handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees. It is the design of welding gloves that makes them so desirable for grilling, as they go further up the arm than some gloves, which offers added protection. If you are doing some high-temp cooking, such as using a pizza oven, welding gloves may be your best bet.

  1. Aramid Gloves

Aramid is a synthetic fiber that is very strong and heat-resistant. It is used in the making of Kevlar vests and jackets used as body armor. Aramid gloves can handle temperatures above 900 degrees depending on the type of aramid, which makes them the perfect material for handling hot items. However, most aramid gloves are not waterproof, so they are typically used for handling grilling tools rather than the food itself. Aramid is machine washable, and these are all-around good gloves to have for cooking in general.

There are many types of barbecue gloves, and some people are happy with using a regular, quilted oven mitt, but there are many better options. If you want to maximize your comfort when you grill, hand protection is one way to do it, and you’ll probably grill better because of it.

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