How to Choose the Perfect Kamado Grill

How to Choose the Perfect Kamado Grill

You may think all Kamado Grills are basically the same thing, and you would be partially correct. They are all ceramic “eggs” capable of smoking, grilling, or cooking by using charcoal. Choosing a perfect Kamado Grill for your cooking needs lies in the details.

How to Choose the Perfect Kamado Grill

  1. Size

The first thing you must consider when you look at purchasing a Kamado Grill is size. How many people do you typically cook for, and how many different items do you grill? If you regularly entertain, make sure you opt for a larger size. If you are more of the cooking-for-two type, keep it small and save space.

  1. Hinge and bands

The hinge and band setup on your Kamado Grill needs to be secure, and it needs to be easily replaced. This setup may be powder coated or stainless steel, and this is basically personal preference. Pay attention to how it feels when you lift the lid, and if it doesn’t feel like quality equipment, don’t purchase it.

  1. Grill

Like most barbecue options, they come with a variety of grills. This may be enameled steel or stainless steel, but what is more important are whether or not you have access to your coals through a hinged opening. Also, whether or not there is a secondary grill to stack your cooking surfaces.

  1. Ash collector

All Kamado Grills come with some way to remove the ash that builds up below the fire box. When looking at your options, make sure the ash collector is large enough to handle your cooking frequency, so you aren’t constantly having to dump it.

  1. Top Damper

How the top damper on a Kamado grill works is another item that has to do with personal preference. If you get into very detailed, temperature-specific cooking, it MIGHT make a difference, but it is mostly personal choice.

  1. Color

Lastly, the Kamado Grill comes in a variety of colors ranging from green and red to black or brown. Choose a color that you like or one that matches your cooking environment, and the Kamado Grill becomes part of the landscape design. It may seem silly to care about the color of your grill, but when you have options, why not go for a color your like?

When you purchase a Kamado Grill, you are purchasing a grill that makes a statement about your cooking prowess. Now, you can show it off with confidence knowing that you’ve selected the perfect Kamado Grill for your personal cooking style.

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