How to Pick a Barbecue Cover

How to Pick a Barbecue Cover

Your outdoor barbecue needs a cover. The only exception could be if you live in a temperate climate with very little rainfall…and you are willing to clean it often. Grease, dust, and water will create a grime on your barbecue that won’t easily be removed. Parts will rust, hands will get dirty, and you just won’t love your barbecue like you are supposed to.

Buying a barbecue cover should include some planning. You can go to your local big box store and get a generic cover, but it is unlikely that they will have the best option. Instead, consider these five factors when picking a barbecue cover, and you’ll be happy you did.

5 Factors to Picking a Barbecue Cover

  1. Size

The most important factor is that your barbecue cover fits over your barbecue. Measure the height, width, and depth of your barbecue to make sure it’s not too small. Too big is okay, but it doesn’t look right and may allow some dust to enter. Try to get a good fit.

  1. Material

The material for your cover should be durable but not too heavy. You don’t want it to rip, but you don’t want to break a sweat covering your ‘cue either. Also, you’ll want it to be waterproof if your barbecue is not located under a rooftop.

  1. Ease

If you have the chance, get the cover that was made for your barbecue. It will fit any unique parts of your barbecue such as a pellet box or extra burner. If you are buying large, make sure the cover is big enough to easily remove it. There is nothing worse than dreading covering your barbecue. The end result is typically a dirty barbecue and an unused cover.

  1. Color

Most of the time that you are outside, the barbecue will be covered, so make sure you like the color. If it clashes with everything and is an eyesore, you won’t enjoy your outdoor space. What a tragedy!

  1. Quality

Lastly, you get what you pay for. If you get the bottom-of-the-barrel discount barbecue cover, it is more likely to rip or let in water no matter how good or waterproof it claims to be. You don’t have to flash fancy brand names to get quality, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality in an attempt to save money. If you buy cheap, you’ll be buying a replacement.

Not many people think about the importance of barbecue covers because they are an afterthought when it comes to barbecue maintenance. However, just like scrubbing your grill, it is essential to lengthening the life of you barbecue and providing you with a positive barbecuing experience.

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