Keeping Cool by the Barbecue

Keeping Cool by the Barbecue

Summer barbecues are fun, but they are also hot! Not only are you cooking over an open flame (or open heat source), but that scorching sun makes a hot situation even hotter. Don’t forget your sunscreen if you are cooking out in the open. Also, don’t forget some of these items to keep you cool by the barbecue.

6 Items to Keep You Cool by the Barbecue

  1. Cooling neck wraps

You have to try cooling neck wraps. If you already have, you probably wear it each summer. These neck wraps are filled with water-absorbing crystals, and you soak them in cold water prior to wearing. They last for a few hours, as the water is slow to evaporate and remains cool due to the crystals. These are especially good if you are cooking in enclosed situations such as food carts for an event, as they don’t take up much room and are very effective. They’re nice for the outdoor barbecue enthusiast because they are hands-free and don’t add clutter to the walkway.

  1. Handheld fan

Those little fans you see people at outdoor events using are about as effective as they look. However, when you are outside on a hot day, they have an increased effect, as at that point, anything helps. Get the spray bottle version to add a cool mist of water. These are not hands-free, but most barbecuing includes a little downtime for breaks.

  1. Evaporative cooler

Leave it to Sharper Image to make an outdoor swamp cooler. This thing uses water and air to create a great air conditioner that can actually be felt in the open air. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s Sharper Image. They have a solution for everything.

  1. Standing fan

A simple standing fan can do wonders for the outdoor environment. When it’s hot outside, stagnancy is the enemy. Getting some air movement will quickly cool any situation.

  1. Misters

Misters come in many shapes and sizes. There are the larger mister setups that can be installed on decks and pergolas, but there are also free-standing misters that hook up to the hose. The choice is yours, but you’ll get some cool mists of water wherever they are installed.

  1. Shade

Last but not least, consider adding shade to your predicament. You may want to move your barbecue under some trees, or you may want to install a sun shade. Even a patio umbrella can produce enough shade to complement the barbecue process.

Barbecuing is fun in the sun, but make sure you aren’t too hot. Being miserable while cooking is sacrilegious! Don’t ruin the fun of summer barbecuing with too much heat.

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