Maximize Grill Space to Feed Many

Maximize Grill Space to Feed Many

            When you’ve got a barbecue fit for your family, it can be difficult to make room for feeding guests. There is simply not enough grill space. Certainly, you can buy a bigger grill. But if you don’t entertain often, you’re just wasting heat. You don’t need a huge grill on the off chance that you might have company. Instead, use the following hacks to maximize your grill space to feed many.

  1. Stack Grates

Some grills come with the option of a second tier grill to expand your cooking surface. There are also many after-market options. You can get one grill that simply rests atop your original grill, or you can get many stackable grills. There are options to fill your grill to its top with cooking racks.

  1. Handles to Multiple Grates

The other thing you can do is turn your grates into serving trays. Add handles to multiple grilling racks with this DIY hack, and switch them out, so you can quickly continue cooking while others eat. This is especially great for things that are better eaten outdoors and socially. The first thing that comes to mind is that this is the perfect solution for an oyster feed.

  1. Specialized Tools

If you are consistently having trouble getting enough grill room for a particular meal, seek out a specialized tool. For example, there are rib racks available that are tremendous space savers on your grill. Use the resource of the internet, and find that unique niche tool that will solve your grill space problem.

  1. Stack Food

Yes, you can stack food to get it cooked, but only in certain circumstances. For instance, after you sear sausages or hot dogs, you can stack them in a pile to continue cooking while you use remaining grill space to cook side dishes.

Maximize Your Grill Space and Eat with Your Guests

One of the biggest advantages of maximizing your grill space is that it might give you the opportunity to eat with them! So often, the griller is chained to the barbecue and cannot leave it without the risk of some guests going hungry. Of course, sometimes the inability to converse is why the griller likes being the barbecue master. But if you want to visit with your guests, maximizing grill space is the way to do it. You don’t need a bigger grill for one or two get togethers. You just need to make better use of what you’ve got.

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