Safety Tips for Grilling During Any Season

Safety Tips for Grilling During Any Season

Now that the summer heat is dropping down a bit in the afternoon, it is the perfect time to light that barbecue for some delicious late-summer dinners. Barbecuing is a great way to have fun while cooking in the outdoors, but it is also important that you take care to make sure nobody gets hurt.

8 Safety Tips for Grilling During Any Season

  1. Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher should always be on hand when working with any fire near the home. However, there are certain types of fire extinguishers that are more effective than others depending on the grill you have. For example, if you are grilling with gas, then a class C fire extinguisher should be used to put out a “flammable gas” fire, plus it can also be used on flammable liquid fires.

  1. BBQ placement

Don’t put your barbecue right next to your home. Not only will the smoke and grease dirty up the side of your house, but it can also cause a fire hazard.

  1. Stability

Placing your barbecue on uneven ground can create a tipping hazard. This could cause damage to a person by tipping over onto his or her body, but it could also cause burns and a potential fire. Make sure your barbecue is stable before using it to cook.

  1. Gloves and tongs

Keeping your hands safe is part of grilling safety, and it is very tempting to pull a little taste off the grill while it is cooking. Do this at your own risk! But also, make sure you have the proper tools to protect your fingers when you don’t feel like tearing off a little taste.

  1. Keep it clean

    A greasy grill might as well be a fire pit. Anyone who has cooked a nice, fatty rib eye knows the dilemma. Keep your grill clean, and you spend more time cooking and less time fighting fire with your squirt bottle.

    1. Watch your gas line

    Many people take their propane tank for granted. It can falter. Not only can it falter, but so can its components. Check the tank and the lines to make sure there isn’t a leak, so you don’t have a major problem later.

    1. Stay nearby

    Barbecues are supposed to be attended. Don’t go inside and shower while your grill is turned on. This can be a difficulty if you are slow-cooking, but make sure you are prepared to stay nearby while your grill is on.

    1. Wear good shoes

    It seems like barbecuing is a flip-flop activity, but this is no more the case than lighting a bonfire is a flip-flop activity. You don’t need to wear steel-toed boots, but you might want to cover your feet in case of anything hot dripping.

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