Ten Ways to Make Your Patio Sexy

Ten Ways to Make Your Patio Sexy

Not many people buy their patio furniture or grills with sexy concepts sensually swirling in their mind, but food and sex are often paired. This makes the patio a logical place to bring sexy design elements. Don’t limit your patio function to daytime barbecues and family fun. Add some after-hours elements that will spice up the night for you and your partner.

Ten Ways to Make Your Patio Sexy

  1. Patio Heater

Cool summer nights will have your special someone heading indoors instead of looking at the stars unless you keep the comfort with a patio heater. Quality patio heaters are easy and safe to use, and they take the chill off when the sun goes down.

  1. Cushions

It’s difficult to get cozy when you’re sitting on a hard surface. Cushions, even on solitary chairs, add comfort to the environment and let everyone relax.

  1. Music

Set the mood with music from outdoor speakers. There are endless options when it comes to outdoor speaker options including Bluetooth and hidden speakers that keep the sound close, so it doesn’t have to be loud.

  1. Lights

Your patio space can glow as if there are fireflies and candles lit everywhere. Make sure the warm glow of your patio lights highlights the mood, and avoid fluorescent and harsh, cold lights.

  1. Fire

There’s nothing like a real fire to set off some sparks (pun intended). But patio fires do not have to be an ashy mess. Propane or pellet fire pits make having a fire a very clean activity. You won’t smell like smoke just because you have a fire on your patio.

  1. Side Tables

One thing that enables sexy is convenience. It isn’t sexy to be looking for a place to set your drink or food while you converse with one another. Instead, invest in side tables or a patio cart, so your food and drink won’t get in the way.

  1. Love Seat

It is very common to think of dining over conversation and romance when choosing patio furniture. This is why dining tables with single chairs are so common outside. It is sofas and love seats that bring the intimate closeness necessary for a sexy evening, so opt for seating more than one, and you’ll get the job done.

  1. Pillows/Blankets

We are not suggesting that a sexy patio will make you sleep outside, but a night under the stars doesn’t sound that bad either. Throw pillows and blankets are not long-term outdoor items, but they certainly fit a late-night occasion.

  1. Art

More and more, people are putting fine art outdoors. Now, it may not be “fine” as in hanging original pieces out for the elements, but it looks real and elevates the patio. Outdoor art must be waterproof, and there are different ways to do this such as waterproof frames or polyurethane.

  1. Plants

Lastly, add some jungle vibes to your patio by keeping some potted plants. This can add sexiness in the form of odors from fresh herbs or the sensual curves of lily petals.

It is all about the completeness of your patio, and filling it with items that bring pleasure, closeness, and comfort will elevate the mood of your patio to a sexy location outside of the home.

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