Turners, Flippers, and Tongs for Father’s Day

Turners, Flippers, and Tongs for Father’s Day

            There are two general types of barbecue tool setups, and they are basic and to-the-max. It is your basic grill set with a fork, spatula, and tongs (maybe the deluxe version with a basting brush) or a full Grill Sergeant apron equipped with tools, condiments, and you guessed it…beer. But a quality barbecue tool setup accrues over time. It starts with the basics, and then it expands with specialized tools that do the job a little bit better than the status quo. Father’s Day is almost here, and finding dad the right turner, flipper, or tongs is a great way to show him your love. You’ll add to his barbecue arsenal with something that he wouldn’t find in a standard barbecue tool setup. 

4 Turners, Flippers, and Tongs for Father’s Day

  1. SideWinder

The SideWinder is a mini-meat hook with tons of bbq potential. It comes in a left- and right-handed version, and it flips meat and veggies like no other barbecue tool. That is not all that this versatile tool does. You can scrape your grill while you cook, and it has a cutting edge to do a little taste-testing while you cook. You won’t find this tool in any standard barbecue set, but it will be a welcome addition.

  1. Novelty Spatulas

Every spatula is a little different, and while each person probably has a favorite, there aren’t a lot of tricked-out spatulas. Favorites typically have to do with size or material rather than gadgetry. That is why novelty spatulas make your average spatulas stand out above the rest. They can be customized with any message, so be creative. Make it funny, or make it sentimental. Either way, it is a great way to make a spatula a little special.

  1. Stingray 7 in 1

The Stingray 7 in 1 barbecue tool doesn’t really seem to perform seven functions, but it is very cool nonetheless. It is definitely a spatula, tongs, and a fork-in one. It also has a locking function and a bottle opener. You might actually NEED this to replace your other barbecue tools.

  1. Barbecue fork (plus thermometer)

It seems like everything is becoming multi-functional, and barbecue forks are not an exception. You are already stabbing the meat to turn it. Why not take its temp while you are at it? There are many types of barbecue forks available, but adding a thermometer to its tines is ingenious.

If your dad is not a seasoned barbecue master, a basic set may be a welcomed gift. But if you are looking for a gift that will wow him, consider finding a unique barbecue tool that will leave him wondering how he ever grilled without it.

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