When is the right time to replace patio furniture?

When is the right time to replace patio furniture?

There are a number of months that are prime time for buying patio furniture on super sales. August summer closeouts can be as enticing as can early spring sales. Even January may be a good time to pick a patio set post-Christmas. However, the truly right time to replace patio furniture is when you need it. Here are a few indicators that it is time.

  1. Unsteady:

If things are beginning to wobble and shake, it may be time to look at a new patio set. Screws coming loose may need more than a tightening, and over time, the holes can become enlarged.  This makes the entire unit unstable, and it causes weak points that may snap when any load is placed on it.

  1. Cracked:

Especially, if your patio set has been left out in the weather for years, your furniture may become cracked. Sun and exposure to the elements can weaken glue, plastic, and rubber gaskets that may be responsible for water tightness, appearance, or integrity. If your patio furniture is starting to crack, it may be time for a new set.

  1. Faded:

Sure, you can replace patio furniture cushions, but do you really want to be out there repainting the legs of your chairs and table? If so, have fun. Do consider the fact that weathered paint could mean furniture that has reached its prime. If it is weathered on the outside, it is possible that it is structurally weakened as well.

  1. Rusted:

If your legs are rusted, it’s time to go shopping. Rusted legs can mean weakened metal. This could mean collapsed chairs or tables when you need them most. It could also mean risk of injury if allowed to continue to degrade and break down.

  1. Out-of-date:

Sometimes, it’s simply time to change your patio furniture to update the look of the patio. If you’ve been looking at the same old set for five years, it’s time to update and maybe upgrade. If your set is still in good shape, sell it! This will afford you a new and better set.

The Right Time to Replace Patio Furniture Varies

Some people are easy on their patio furniture, and they bring them in during the winter and have them in the shade during the summer. Others are very good about upkeep and keeping things like rust at bay. If you aren’t one of these types, then it’s time to take a good look at your patio set and consider replacement.

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